Tuesday, December 28, 2010

School beauty tips

After an eventful summer vacation, it’s time for you to get back to school. We often the bruises and rashes out skin underwent while playing outside in the yard. Have you noticed the scars due to sun burns? And also skin wear and tear that you went through this summer.  You can follow these tips to start your school fresh with a glowing and radiant looking skin:
We have seen that a constant exposure of our skin to outer objects makes the skin very dry, patchy and hard. If you don’t treat it quickly that skin will remain thick and forms a scar on that area. The skin looks blunt and dry.  If there is a dry skin around and other parts of the body; you can eradicate by making a natural scrubs containing sugar. Begin with the lower part of your body, take a few in your hand and gently rub on the feet area and massage it smoothly. Slowly move to the upper part of the body reaching to your thighs and follow the same procedure. The same procedure can be applied on your stomach, back, buttocks and areas around the arms. You should massage in a round circular motion with the central force on your palms. Then you can select other body parts like chest and face. These are little sensitive areas so take utmost care. Make a scrub with clay ingredient so that when applied it gives you a soft effect. Start from the top that is your face, then to your neck and followed by your chest. After scrubbing the clean the area with water thoroughly and wipe with a dry cloth. You will get a soothing effect if cleaned with Luke warm water.
Once all the rough and torn tissues of the skin being removed and cleaned it’s important that you moisturize your skin. After cleaning with scrub if you don’t moisturize then the skin will dry and crack. Moisturizing will add glowing effect to your skin making you look younger. You can start the moisturizing process by take a bowl of buttermilk. As it is natural milk, it contains many nourishing and smoothing ingredients. As compared to artificial body lotions butter milk is thicker and it quickly sweeps inside the skin. You can apply it on your feet before going to sleep, and in the morning when you get up you feel find smooth and fresh looking skin over your feet. You can also use natural oils made from plants to massage over your body. These oils have a natural healing element that has the power to strengthen your muscles and bones.  Even oil gets quickly absorbed by the skin so you will get quick results. Some of these can even cure body pains. Once finished with the massage wash it off with a mild soap. You can also de-stress yourself by massaging your head and hair with ayurvedic oil.
The best way to stay younger and looking fresh is by drinking ample amount of water. During the body runs low on fluid so make sure that you are well hydrated.

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